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Hotel Booking System

Now you are wondering on how to build a rental system?

Now as you have got the groove, you will be looking to develop one such app. That will cover the following

  • Design the plan as how the site should be.

  • Look out and hire the needed people to do it.

  • Design the prototype for the final product.

  • Make any changes to it if you do not like the prototype.

  • Then make the changes to it.

  • Finally come to the desired product.

  • OR you have a simple choice to choose a product readily available in the market.

Now the next question is where is the best rental system available in the market?

HBS is a ready to use rental system, which can be used across most types of verticals – accommodations, cars, bikes, yachts, books, video and many more. All in just under 30 minutes!!

Even though we got our inspiration from Airbnb, HBS is more customizable and it can be plugged & played to any of the verticals mentioned above.

Sounds too complex? Worry not as using HBS is taking a candy from a baby. There is no need to have even a little bit of tech or programming skills to run your rental system using HBS. Just make the decision and we will make it come true for you. There is nothing generic about HBS as we strive too hard to make it customized as per our clientele’s taste – integrating or attaching new plugins, themes, etc. And the good news is you don’t need to search for people to do this. We ourselves have an excellent team that are ready and waiting to serve you.

We are at the pinnacle of the rental systems that are in the market and we are proud to say that we have been holding the fort for 2+ years. It has gone through many phases and changes and has evolved to be the best.

We have an active client and a growing client base who have purchased and have benefited from us.

How it works?

  1. The Admin is the big player here. They get the site set up and has access to all the nook n corner of the site. He is the one with the overall control of the site and is entitled to set permissions and other boundaries in the site – this includes setting up commission limits, rental modes (daily, weekly, monthly or customized). They make money in 2 ways – Commission Fee for each transaction made and Premium Listings.
  2. The Host is the one who rents out their accommodation or any rentable products. They can manage the listings easily. They make money in a safe manner and what all comes apart from the commission, the host will be entitled to it.
  3. The Guest is the one who is going to make the bookings. They are entitled to make any number of bookings and can communicate with the host.
  4. This is how it works: Guest makes the booking, Host accepts it. Guest pays the amount and Admin gets the total amount. Once the Guest checks out, the Host will receive the payment after the Admin has taken the commission.

Just say the word and we will get it done!!

HBS Features :

1. Advanced location marker on the Google map: Now, HBS comes up with the advanced location marker which will allow the users to choose the location of their listing 

2. Google API to verify the addresses: HBS clearly understands his user’s need. It verifies the given address and let them know immediately if it’s not valid.

3. Address confirmation on the Google map: Once the address is chosen, it gets a confirmation from the users.

4. UI improvements on the List your space page: Now HBS comes with more improved User interface on the List your space page.

5. Improved Facebook connect: Recent changes makes really easy to use the Facebook connect and it works seamlessly

6. Protected address: Address will not be revealed unless the user makes a booking.

Discover the recently updated features :

Advanced location marker on the Google map

  • Google API to verify the addresses
  • Address confirmation on the Google map
  • UI improvements on the List your space page
  • Improved Facebook connect
  • Protected address
  • Improved Popular listing page
  • Improved Calender
  • Improved Address popup in list your space
  • Improved Add Address option
  • Improved Twitter Connect
  • Bug Fixing
  • Optimized speed like lightning
  • New improved multi level steps in Crreating a listing
  • Improved validation in create listing page
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved Search option in help system
  • Advanced Currency converter option
  • Now we have Trust & Verification on Dashboard
  • Easy to manage the commission system
  • Improved Room type option on Search
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved Notification system
  • Advanced Confirmation message system during the payment
  • Improved PayPal settings in admin panel
  • Statistics for the deleted listings
  • Improved Conversation Page
  • New rules to avoid multiple booking on a same date
  • Speed improvement
  • Improvement in Search option
  • Advanced Neighbor Manage option in Admin Panel
  •  knowledge about Neighborhood
  • Bug Fixing
  • New rules to avoid multiple bookings on a same date
  • Speed improvements
  • Bug Fixing
  • Improved Data Scheme for Passwords
  • Necessary restriction for Bookings
  • Improved upcoming trips page.
  • More accurate payment info on Confirmation page
  • Improved Cancel Reservation
  • Bug fixing
  • Email notification on Referrals
  • Facebook Invite Friends in Referrals page
  • Email Invite Friends in Referrals page
  • Twitter Share in Referrals page
  • Advanced Referral System
  • Advanced Neighborhoods manage options in the admin panel
  • Share your local knowledge in Neighborhood.
  • Improvements in search option-now more accurate result
  • Now the prices are more accurate on the apartment page
  • Improved Finance management page on the admin panel
  • Improved usability of content management in Neighbourhood
  • Improved Twitter connect
  • Improved performances of Public Profile, Recommend & Reviews pages
  • Now more accurate search results
  • Improved video upload option in “How it works” page management section on the admin panel
  • Improved Facebook Friends Invite option
  • Improved Delete List option
  • Improved “Check In” option for Guest
  • Improved Calendar in the edit listing
  • Improved Block dates on Calendars
  • Suggest tags for Neighbourhood
  • Tags for Neighbourhoods
  • Save Neighbourhoods
  • Improved Traveller Options
  • More Currency
  • Seasonal Price
  • Coupon Code
  • Language Translation
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Twitter Connect
  • Manage Home page slider via Admin Panel
  • Bug fix on Payment gateway
  • Re tweaked UI
  • Auto expiry of Reservation request in 24 hours
  • Implemented filter options in Hosting page
  • Implemented Neighbourhood based filter option in search page
  • Implemented Search option in Admin panel to search Members
  • Implemented an option in Admin panel to add Amenities
  • Differentiate color for Read & Unread message in Inbox
  • Implemented an option to add/edit property types in Admin panel
  • Implemented currency conversion option in Search page
  • Implemented Search option in Header

Following are the Hosting Requirements

  • Operating System – Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL 5 and above
  • Static IP
  • PHP – Version 5 and above
  • Ability to setup cron tasks
  • allow_url_fopen = On
  • file_uploads = On
  • open_basedir = Off
  • upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended for video uploads)
  • safe_mode = Off
  • PHP GD Library: GIF/JPEG Read/Write support
  • PHP GD Library: FreeType support
  • PHP Curl Library: SSL support
  • Mod rewrite
  • post_max_size = 100M (recommended for video uploads)
  • Facebook App ID and Secret Key
  • Twitter App ID and Secret key
  • Google Map Key
  • IonCube Loader

For more information and Offer details, please shoot us an email to support@russelhost.com or Skype us at ebrahimthex.

RusselHost.com as a company was founded in 2013 by Founder and current CEO Ebrahim Khalil

Since then, RusselHost has grown from a Domain Solution and small hosting company. The over one million domains hosted by RusselHost make up approximately 1% of the world's Internet traffic.

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