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Affiliate and E-mail Marketing

What will you get from this course?

  • Complete Knowledge Affiliate and E-mail Marketing.
  • Ability to work on marketplaces.

Who are the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to work online.
  • Individuals who wants to get stuck on freelancing.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Technical Skill: Must have the fluent operating skill of Computer.
  • Must have the skill to use internet.
  • Academic: HSC or Equivalent Certificate.

Project Oriented Courses:

  • One will practically learn all mentioned topics and techniques by completing this practical training course.

Course Outline:

Module 01: SEO Basics (Duration: 8Hrs)


  • What is Search Engine & Why we use Search Engines
  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Why does my website need SEO?
  • Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?
  • The Importance of Networking The necessity of Branding & Exposure
  • Can I do SEO for myself or my business & Order of SEO
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Getting to know about On-Page Optimization
  • Knowing about Link Building or Off-Page Optimization
  • Idea on Content Optimization
  • Learning about competition analysis

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Making list of guest blogs using targeted searching codes in Google
  • Apply exact codes in Google to find out thematic Blogs for commenting

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Doing Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Writing or implementing the most important tags or elements for On-Page optimization purpose
  • Analyzing keyword competition or your competitor using tools and proper rules
  • Building links for your site using Web 2.0
  • Creating links for the money site through Link Wheel
  • Practicing Social Bookmarking to allow more exposure of your links online
  • Commenting on niche/topic related blogs to maintain relevancy and get good quality links
  • Practice answering questions in Q/A sites like Yahoo Answers/Quora

Module 02: SMM Basics (Duration: 5Hrs)


  • Introduction to Social Media
    • – Social Media denotation
    • – Variation between Social Media and Traditional Media
  •  Concept of Marketing on Social Media
    • – Social Media Marketing Goals
    • – Activities on Social Media Marketing
  •  Applications of Facebook
    • – Profile
    • – Group
    • – Event
    • – Business Page etc.
  •  Contents displaying policy of Facebook on News Feed Area by using Edge Rank.
  • Applications of Twitter
    • – Personal Account.
    • – Tweet (denotation of Tweet)
    • – Message

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Targeting and identifying audience based on Facebook Platform.
  • Analyzing the Business Competitor by using  Facebook Advance Search to know their  Present condition and strong parts.
  • Creating daily Content Plan by using powerful  message/links/image for Posting on your  Facebook Business Page.
  • Case Study of Wrong HashTag Marketing to  know properly how people missed the whole  marketing plan or how people use the plan on  Wrong section.
  • Running a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign (overall concept).
  • Analyzing Business Competitor on Twitter to know about their present marketing strategy.
  • Case Study of HashTag Marketing on Twitter  to know how brands are using Hashtag now a  days.
  • Case Study of Wrong Messaging Steps to  know how people spamming through  message marketing.
  • Specimen of Wrong Follow Marketing to know  how people following rapidly without targeted  audience.
  • Traditional Marketing Presence on Twitter  Platform to get response on twitter through  present local market customer & Running a Twitter Marketing Campaign properly (step by step concept)

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Creating a Facebook Personal Account by  Using your personal information’s & Fixing your Facebook Account by Adding  Profile Picture, Cover Photo etc
  • Filling out Facebook Accounts about Section  by passing work and education history & Setting up Privacy Setup Options of a Facebook Account to secure your personal account and getting full power of your account.
  • Adding Friends on Facebook Account by  using location, age and gender search & Organizing Facebook Accounts friend list by adding them on specific group.
  • Creating a Facebook Group & Maintaining a Personal Facebook Group and  Fixing setting area for that group.
  • Creating a Facebook Event for any real event  or virtual event & Attending on a Facebook Event
  • Creating a Facebook Page on the base of  Business Category & Setting up your Business Page by providing your whole business information (Address,  Description, Phone, Email, Vanity URL,  Profile Photo, Cover Photo etc)
  • Maintaining Your Facebook Business Page
    • – Daily Posting.
    • – Likes
    • – Review
    • – Invitation
    • – Engagement (like, comment).
    • – Message.
    • – Insight Section.
  •  Increasing post reach to expand sales by using Facebook HashTag Marketing & Facebook Page Marketing to  target competitors customer and category  Relevant customers to increase sales.
  • Facebook Group Marketing to  increase brand popularity and sales  Percentage.
  • Applying for a Facebook AD to find other  people who are likely to be interested in your  product or service
  • Maintaining your Facebook AD by checking  daily ad report.
  • Modifying your Facebook AD –After checking  report, if you think any modification is needed  then we can modify our AD from Report section.
  • Creating a Twitter Account by providing Name  And Email Address and making it appealing by passing a powerful keyword including bio, profile photo and cover photo.
  • Getting response by Twitter HashTag Marketing.

Module 03: WordPress Site Creation (Duration: 6Hrs)


  • Basic idea about domain and hosting
  • Brief idea about WordPress
  • In-depth idea about WordPress themes and plugins
  • Idea about Header, Footer, Menu, Category, Tag and widget management
  • Proper way of user creation and management

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Domain pointing to hosting server to make a relationship with domain and hosting
  • Adding domain on cPanel using “Addon Domain” to make a bridge with the domain
  • Installing WordPress using cPanel with 1-click installation method
  • Uploading and installing Themes
  • Installing important WP plugins
  • Publishing and optimizing articles in WordPress CMS & managing the SEO plugin

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Using Akismet and Disqus to moderate comment section in WordPress
  • Setting up automatic WordPress backup with free WordPress plugin
  • Setting up Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics using WordPress CMS
  • Implementing WordPress Security using codes and plugins

Module 04: Affiliate Product Marketing (Duration: 16Hrs)


  • What is Affiliate Marketing, the initial concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • Why we will choose affiliate marketing
  • Begin Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer. Getting started with step by step guideline.
  • How You will Choose An Affiliate Marketing Hub? The most current issues you need to consider.
  • Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes. A case study focusing the most Affiliate Marketing Mistakes.
  • How Much An Affiliate Marketer Earns?
  • What The Startup Costs Are, An Estimated idea considering all the setting up costs to get started.

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Taking proper initiatives that Pays the Affiliates
  • Classifying the types of Affiliates according to its category
  • Focusing The Most Common Affiliate Sales Network Who Are Already Dominating in the Industry.
  • Analyzing the competition to understand the current market condition and taking the very best initiative in accordance with
  • Adding attractive, eye-catchy, traffic driven Compelling Content

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Finding comparatively less competitive Niche and setting up your campaign
  • Determining the core features of your campaign along with market research
  • Getting Started With Your Money Website ensuring all the key attributes.

Module 05: CPA Affiliate Marketing (Duration: 15Hrs)


  •  What is CPA and CPA marketing? The beginners’ guide to get started.
  • Most Considerable Issues which will inspire you to choose CPA as a profession.
  • Classifying the types of CPA according to its category.
  • Focusing the most common and well established CPA Networks who are already dominating.
  • Choosing the best CPA offers to promote, the easiest and quickest way to turn around.
  • All about CPA networks and best options
  • CPA Payment withdrawal methods
  • Strategy for CPA marketing
  • How Much Do CPA marketer Earn?
  • Why so many CPA marketers failed
  • No.1 fear in CPA marketing
  • An introduction to PPC
  • Importance of keywords for your campaign success
  • Earning proof of effective CPA marketing
  • The idea on Global Rate Per Click

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Choosing the best offers from your active CPA network to generate successful lead
  • Setting up your domain and website based on different offers of your network
  • Preparing and setting up your CPA campaign back office
  • Getting traffic to your CPA offers:
    • Application of PPC marketing to generate targeted traffic to your offers.
    • Using the method of article marketing for generating targeted traffic to your offers.
    • Using slick method for getting traffic to your CPA offers
    • Application of the Banner Ad traffic generating method to get your targeted visitors
    • Lead generation process using social media marketing
  •  Exclusive training on:
    • Finding the best scholarship/insurance offers
    • Scholarship flyer master class
    • Finding the best Dating offers
    • Finding the best sign up offers
    • Scholarship flyer master class
    • Outsource and auto pilot your CPA
  • Learn the application of building up a killer landing page
  • Application of Email Marketing method to promote your CPA offers

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Setting up your domain & website to promote your offers in different formats.
  • Application of Classified ad posting and checking how effective it is to get your targeted email list.
  • Practical demonstration of how a CPA campaign is run and seeing the return results.

Module 06: E-mail Marketing (Duration: 7Hrs)


  • Email Marketing defined
  • The key components of an email marketing plan
  • What you need to know to succeed
  • Strengths of Email Marketing
  • Weaknesses of Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Best Practices

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Defining goals and objectives of an email campaign.
  • Structuring Effective Email Messages: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Planning and creating email campaigns
  • Trigger emails, timing & frequency

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Creating your Mailchimp account
  • Calculating your monthly costs
  • Activating your account with initial setting up process and exploring the Mailchimp dashboard
  • Creating your Mailchimp mailing list
  • Creating your first Test Campaign
  • Creating Forms in Mailchimp
  • Writing effective Call To Action

Module 07: Using Google Analytics (Duration: 3Hrs)


  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Discussion on:
    • Dimensions
    • Metrics
    • Sessions
    • Users
    • Page views
    • Pages/Session
    • Avg. Session Duration
    • Bounce Rate
    • New Sessions
    • Goals
    • Conversions
    • Campaigns
    • Acquisition
    • Behavior

Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory

  • Adding Site to Google Analytics & Implementation of Tracking Code
  • Using the Customization feature in Google Analytics
  • Using the Google Analytics Admin
  • Using Google Analytics Goals

Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory

  • Working with the Real-Time section in the Google Web Analytics Tool
  • Hands on practice on the Audience section of Google Analytics
  • Working with the Google Analytics Acquisition Reports to Know Where People Are Coming From
  • Using Google Analytics Behavior Reports to Optimize Your Content

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